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About Us

Greater Stonegate Village, an aging-in-place village, is a non-profit organization that offers a broad range of volunteer provided services enabling older Greater Stonegate residents to remain in their own homes, and neighbors to enjoy social connections across generations.

A Village is a grassroots effort designed to address the current and unfolding challenges of aging America. The first Village in the USA was started in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts in 2002. Since then the Village concept has spread across the country, as aging Americans expressed a desire to reside in their own homes while still being able to access services to help them address their changing lifestyles as they age. Although the Village movement focus is on seniors, we believe that our model can be an “intergenerational” model serving all age groups in our community. At its core, the Village Movement is consumer and customer driven.

A village is an alternative to a retirement community. It offers a wide array of support services as well as social and learning opportunities to help older adults continue to live in their own homes and stay engaged in the life of their communities. It is part of a growing movement nation-wide as well as within Montgomery County.