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The Greater Stonegate Village can connect you with volunteer drivers to provide transportation to medical appointments, the grocery store, or other non-emergency needs. Trips should be less than 20 miles each way, and should be requested 7 days in advance if possible.  Call 240-918-7989 to request transportation, or fill out this form and email the form to or call 240-918-7989.

Vacation Watch

A Greater Stonegate Village Volunteer can watch your home while you are away. Mail pick up is now available too. The watch is for the exterior of the home and requests should be submitted 14 days in advance by calling 240-918-7989, or fill out this form and email to You will need to give written permission for the volunteer to be on your property. 

Assistance with shopping
Assistance with shopping, picking up prescriptions

Neighbor volunteers can do grocery shopping or pick up prescriptions for members who are temporarily unable to do so on their own. Call 240-918-7989.

Friend Call and Visit
Friendly Calls or Visits

A GSV volunteer can call, text, or come by periodically to check if you are OK, or if not, what you might need.  If you have family who are your caregivers, a relief break can be arranged occasionally.  Requests for friendly checks should be submitted 14 days in advance by calling 240-918-7989, or by fill out this form and emailing the form to

Simple technology aid and advice
Simple technology aid and advice

A knowledgeable volunteer can provide basic assistance with your smart phone, TV remote, or computer.  Call 240-918-7989.

Assistance with minor household tasks
Assistance with minor household tasks
Volunteers can change lightbulbs, help move furniture, and put out trash and recycling bins if a member temporarily cannot do so.  Call 240-918-7989.

Access to in-home adult care information and resources

The Village will assist members with referrals to suggested vendors of various types of services.  This service is under development and is incomplete at present.

Service Policy-Safety Guidelines as of March 22nd, 2022

Effective immediately, rapid Covid-19 self-testing is recommended, but not required for approved ride services. The GSV safety policy is available to view here. Please call GSV at 240-918-7989 for any questions.